Welcome to my korner

My name is Shawn K and I am a new Florida resident.  I am happily married to my wife Tanja and I’m a father to my daughter Rianna.  What a life we live, on 1 February 2018 I left active Army service after 15 years in the hopes of finding new beginnings.  We did find those beginnings and that’s here in The Villages, Florida. After 15 years in the Army I decided to try my hand at the automotive industry while my wife Tanja became an Ophthalmology technician (That’s right, say that ten times fast). Poor Rianna though, no friends here on ground to play with and she only has her FaceTime friends (Anastasia and BB) which makes for her happiness hard to come by. The fact we ended our military career was supposed to mean less school changing for Rianna, but it seems that she will be mix matching schools again next year. Driving her almost an hour to and from school is difficult right now, but that was the best school in the area when we first got here.

We hit the ground running in Feb. We both found jobs, we bought a house and now we are starting to set our roots. We only need a more stable lifestyle and the hopes of that happening will not show until our furniture gets here. Maybe then we can really start living. Who knows, but that’s who I am right now and a brief introduction to my family.28378169_10159989428950246_6673185944454488025_n